18. June 2006


From superior science made easier to understand, to premium ingredients derived from the highest quality sources, SCIENTIFIC MUSCLE™ delivers products that are developed together with top amateur and professional athletes which is really unique in the nutrition market.
We provide you here with the important background knowledge about nutrition and training.

We know - there are no secrets - but the differences in products and methods are tremendous as you will see. This is your chance to learn everything you need to know while trying to achieve your goals in bodybuilding and fitness.

The elite amateur bodybuilder Boris Kleine is taking you on his journey from offseason to competition. He will tell you about our products, what he uses, when and why. And of course you will learn everything about his training and whole nutrition.

So, let's get started.


foto by lennart bergstrom


Under the link "Boris" you will find everything you want to know about the man himself, from bio to contest history and of course pictures from past competitions. This will be updated quiet often so you can follow his progress.

As we mentioned earlier we are going to provide you with the latest background knowledge about nutritional and diet products. But also interesting stuff about training and everything else around bodybuilding. This is what our "Articles" section is all about. By the time there are just a few but we will upload a lot more soon.

The "forum" will be disabled by know cause we are still looking for capable mods. But Boris is quiet exited to answer all your questions there...

The link "Scientific" is providing you with all the nutrition and training facts about Boris Kleine. Have a look at his current offseason diet and some more interesting stuff.

In the "Shop" you will get your hands on all our high quality products that you will read about on this site..


126 kg Offseason
May 2006























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